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Hearts in San Francisco Project

I applied to the "Hearts in San Francisco" project 2018 and was one of 23 artists to create hearts for the San francisco General Hospital Foundation.

I am working on one mini heart which will be auctioned off on EBay in February 2018 along with 23 other artist mini hearts. The proceeds will benefit life-enhancing programs and initiatives at Zuckerberg San Francisco General. All the designs will be revealed in December 2017 and featured at the Heroes & Hearts luncheon at AT&T Park on Thursday, February 15, 2018. The ta ble top and mini hearts will also be displayed at the Wilkes Bashford in December, and at Macy's Union Square in January. These Heartworks: Large, table top ,and mini, combined with the Heroes and Heart event ( 2004-2017), have raised more than $17 million for the foundation and ZFSG programs that improved care for a

Heart sculpture template

Heart wrapped design with tape
heart unwrapped and ready for inked design

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