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Exit Covid! Enter Creativity!

Just as Covid-19 began to subside as the deadly monster out to get us all; a new vaccine was in the horizon as a beacon of hope for our communities and peace of mind. This meant getting back out and doing the very things that keep life exciting and positive. For me this new freedom, although still mask covered, was to get started on a mural that was put on hold due to the Pandemic.

A lot had happened in those last six months as my wife and I decided to relocate out of state and begin a new life elsewhere. So, New Life/New Mural. Located in Hayward, California at the intersection of Mission Blvd and Fairway street, this new work is based on a carved foam relief I worked on in late 1999 (see pictures below) My work on these boxes have always been to paint them as if they were a sculptural element placed in the environment; more of a site specific work than anything else.

It was supposed to be a single utility box mural but the smaller PG&E box next to it screamed to be painted as well; although it wasn't in the scope. This was to be my last mural, for now, in my home state of California and I wanted it to connect with the Latin American community of the area as well as my own ethnic makeup. Being Mexican/Greek/and Armenian has shaped my palette of food as well as my artistic styles and there are no limits to what comes next.

Inspiration for mural from 20 years ago. Google Fry's Electronics Phoenix Arizona for a street view


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