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"Lost Toys"- It's happening in Vegas

It all started as a test about 10+ years ago in my California studio. I experimented with different mold making media, painting techniques and stuffed animals, to create unique sculptures. Fast forward to my new studio in Las Vegas, Nevada. With an opportunity to make tiny versions of the cute furry sculptures; and Voila! "Lost Toys" were born. The multi step process of creating them and the box sticker designs, was a big challenge in small scale. They are being place in repurposed cigarette machines called Art O Mats and are locted around the country. A few were also sent to the Cosmopolitan Casino Resort here in Las Vegas as well ( See pics below). Scroll down to see photos of Larger Lost Toy creations, the back sticker introduction to the toys, as well as a short video I made.

Studio arrival and ready for transformation.

Toy Box back sticker

Art O Mat Machine at the Las Vegas Cosmopolitan

A group of art lovers Purchasing ArtOMat art

Art received! Awesome!


Chick w/ glass cover and wood base 2016

Red, White, and Blue Bear 2015

Blunt Bunny 2022

Some of the " Lost Toys" you'll find from the first 50 series.

The Lost Toys Video from 2016


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